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ugr|dual 01.02.2013 11:51

Tippmann: World Promo Tour mit Greg Hastings
Auf der Tour of Duty 2013 werden auch zwei Stopps in unseren Breitengraden dabei sein - Mahlwinkel und Veckring.

Tippmann and Greg Hastings to Continue Promoting Paintball Around the World
Effort includes support of 2013 Tour of Duty as well as Tippmann’s Crossover and new Intrepid goggle

Fort Wayne, Ind. – Tippmann Sports is pleased to continue its relationship with Greg Hastings and help promote the 2013 Tour of Duty, a joint effort to generate excitement about paintball around the globe and bring new players into the game. During this year’s tour, Hastings will be utilizing the Crossover marker from Tippmann at some of the most popular paintball events worldwide as well as wearing the new Intrepid dual pane thermal goggle, which will be available from Tippmann this spring. To view Hastings and his Tippmann Crossover in action, simply visit www.YouTube.com/NJNinja07 and subscribe.

“Greg does a great job connecting with players of all ages and skill levels, so we’re excited to continue our relationship with him,” said Ron Goldblatt, director of marketing for Tippmann Sports. “And, of course, it means a lot to us that one of the most well known and respected players in the game chooses to use our Crossover and new Intrepid goggle when taking the field.”

Those attending the 2013 Tour of Duty will have a fun opportunity to meet and play with Hastings and also demo his latest paintball video game. Greg Hastings Paintball “Fields of Battle” brings fast-paced paintball excitement to all iOS and many Android-based devices, including Ouya and Kindle Fire. Look for some terrific in-game Tippmann products when the game drops this spring.

The current schedule for the 2013 Tour of Duty is as follows:

• Feb 23 – 24 4Real3 – Ocklawaha, FL www.SBPScenarios.com
• Mar 23 – 24 PAXEAST Gamer Show – Boston, MA www.BostonPaintball.com
• April 13 – 14 Tech Wars – Houston, TX www.TXRPaintball.com A VIPER Scenario
• April 27 Spring Offensive – Wimauma, FL www.KohnEvents.com
• May 3 – 5 North vs. South – Swynnerton, UK www.NorthvSouth.com
• May 9 – 12 Euro Big Game – Mahlwinkel, GER www.EuroBigGame.com
• Aug 10 – 11 Red Strike – Hobart, IN www.BlastCamp.com A VIPER Scenario
• Sept 7 – 8 BIG GAME – Veckring, FR www.Paintball-Veckring.fr
• Sept 14 – 15 Staargate – Wakefield, UK www.Shorelineoutdoor.com
• Sept 28 – 29 TWC – Pinckney, MI www.TippmannWorldChallenge.com
• Oct 12 Battle of N.A. 3 – Clarington, ON www.CampXPaintballFields.com

About Tippmann Sports:
As an industry leader manufacturing paintball products in the USA for more than 25 years, Tippmann Sports is dedicated to quality construction as well as advancing paintball technology and design. The company serves the global paintball industry from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as its warehouse near Tournai, Belgium. Tippmann Sports’ complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

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