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ugr|dual 15.06.2016 09:31

Planet Eclipse UK: Erneuter Raub
Planet Eclipse UK: Erneuter Raub

"Same M.O. as last time.... This time even more markers have been stolen (160 in total) and they didn't take everything !!!

A 4 pallet shipment on it's way out of the UK has been stolen from our couriers. Nobody has been hurt and nothing other than the transporter has been damaged in this robbbery.

The theft took place on Monday night 6th June 2016.

The shipment had a bunch of markers as well as LOTS of other Planet Eclipse product, Pants, Jerseys, Padding, Gloves, Packs, Vest, Barrels, Tech Mats, Spares, Casual clothing, Hats, Grip kits, you name it it was probably in the shipment.

We have all of the serial numbers and they will be registered on our warranty database as STOLEN and any information we receive about the stolen markers will be passed onto the police.. These were all taken in the UK, so we expect them to stay in the UK but you never know.

If anyone offers you Paintball gear cheap as chips then be aware it could be stolen and if you buy one of these Ďcheapí but stolen markers and it crosses are path we will of course be reporting this straight to the police.

The only reason thieves steal is because they have a place to sell the stuff, donít give them a reason to go and steal more stuff. Next time it might be your gear!

If you have any information about this theft you can contact Stoney on +44 (0)161 872 5572, email: chris.s@planeteclipse.com

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