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10.12.2001, 13:17
Hab keine Zeit den Text zu übersetzen, aber das macht bestimm nichts, oder :grin:

Coke Paintball (http://www.paintballnews.com/)

POWERaDE heats up advertising and promotional activity across college campuses and paintball playsites this fall with "Keep Playing, Play Paintball!".

The promotion, part of a three-year national joint marketing agreement between The Coca-Cola Company and Paintball News Network, Inc., is set to launch today, targeting major college and university campuses nationwide linked to Paintball News Network member playsites and retail outlets.

Students will have the opportunity to enter chance drawings to win prizes for redemption at a Paintball News Network location. Coca-Cola bottlers will provide free POWERaDE and tie-ins from Fuji Photo Film, U.S.A., Inc., MCI WorldCom, Pro-Team Products, Diablo Direct, WORR Game Products, and AirGun Designs will provide free paintball sports equipment, free game plays, 60 minute pre-paid phone cards, 24mm and 35mm cameras, and Quicksnap cameras as giveaways.

Paintball News Network, Inc., is the nation's largest organization of independently owned and operated paintball playsites and retail outlets. Citing its own industry data, Paintball News Network says that the 12 to 24-year-old male demo is most attracted to paintball, which is a kind of glorified game of "capture-the-flag" which has moved steadily into the mainstream –and is expected to grow by 8-10% over the next decade.

Paintball's entertainment value is not the only thing driving its popularity. The sport is also enjoyed by a growing number of youth and church groups nationwide who play to encourage teamwork and togetherness. "It helps build character because you're not only supporting your teammates - they're also supporting you," said Pat Osborne, a youth pastor who owns a paintball field in Edinburgh, Ind., 20 minutes south of Indianapolis. Osborne often plays with the young members of his congregation. "It appeals to their sense of adventure and excitement, but it's supervised. It also lends itself to strong camaraderie."

Print ads for the "Keep Playing, Play Paintball" promotion break this week in Paintball News, the industry's oldest and most published publication, and will tout POWERaDE as the official sports drink of paintball.

The Coca-Cola Company announced a national marketing agreement with Paintball News Network, Inc. last year designed to increase awareness of the sport and generate profitable growth for paintball playsites throughout the United States.

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10.12.2001, 19:16
Wahnsinn ... kotzt mich an, das in D. Paintball so falsch verstanden wird .. nur ein 10tel von dieser Promo, und wir könnten uns gar nicht retten vor Paintball :cry: