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31.05.2002, 22:59
Die US NPPL hat zusammen mit Splatterfactor (http://www.spalltterfactor.com) den Sprung ins TV geschafft. Am 01. Juni steigt die erste Sendung.

Hier (http://www.splatterfactor.com/airdates/) könnt ihr sehen welche Ausstrahlungen kommen werden.

Hier (http://www.splatterfactor.com/clips/highrezpop.htm) gibt es eine Quicktime Trailer zu der Show zu sehen!

Die original Pressemitteilung:




HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - May 8, 2002 - Paintball is poised for tremendous growth in North America. The first television show about Paintball, "Splatter Factor," will debut on Fox Sports Net starting June 1, 2002. For more information, check out their Web site, http://www.splatterfactor.com/.

Today, the National Professional Paintball League, the sole founding amateur and professional Paintball league in the United States, announced that it is ending its relationship with Paintball Sports Promoters. For the past year, Paintball Sports Promoters has produced and managed NPPL competitions.

Since its inception in 1992, the NPPL has been owned and operated by an ever-increasing population of players. "All players at the novice, amateur and professional ranks within our league deserve to participate in the best, and most efficiently run competitions that can be produced," said Chuck Hendsch, president of the NPPL. "As the sanctioning body for amateur and professional Paintball, it follows that the NPPL should also preside over all aspects of our competitions. This will guarantee that the finest possible contest is achieved on the field of play."

Having the NPPL oversee its competitions will remedy problems with past events. "Going forward, competitions will be well organized, safe and fair for everyone involved--be they players, sponsors or spectators," Hendsch said. "All Paintball athletes will be registered in a membership database, which will enable the NPPL to track players and provide them special offers and future event entry discounts. Officiating will be unbiased and professional, and based upon standardized rules of play. Game schedules will be announced ahead of time, and competitions will take place on time. Prior to competition, athletes will be able to walk their fields to devise effective game strategies, which will raise the level of play.

Teams will be afforded their own staging area. This will allow the participants to relax and prepare more effectively for their upcoming contests. Entry fees will be capped. And as a player owned and run league, the athletes will now have a voice in future competitions. With all of these improvements, Paintball will attract more sponsors, from more prominent companies. Increased sponsorship means better prizes for the players, and an enhanced promotional experience for our corporate partners. As we grow our great sport, we will be targeting potential sponsors that best serve our participant demographic. Don't be surprised if you see companies like Vans, Sobe and Powerade sponsoring upcoming events. Cross-promotional opportunities with other popular extreme sports will also become a reality."

"Paintball has grown tremendously in its first 10 years," Hendsch said. "NPPL's overarching aim is to make Paintball a mainstream sport in this country, as well as abroad. Today's announcement is a giant step in the right direction."

On Monday, May 13, 2002 NPPL will announce a new player venue for the June event. This June competition will be the first wholly organized and produced competition by the players league, the National Professional Paintball League.


31.05.2002, 23:11
Wird es auch im Deutschsprachigen Sendern kommen??

Bzw. im deutschen Fernsehen??

31.05.2002, 23:27
Ich hab n Paar Kumepl in den USA, die könnens bestimmt RIPPEN !!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! PAINTBALL IM TV ! GEIIIIIIL !

31.05.2002, 23:30
das musst du mal beckstein erzählen! *g*

01.06.2002, 00:03
das wird D schon auch noch überrollen. warts ab, der skateboarding-effekt[tm] ist schon voll im gange. :D