Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : JETZT (19:10) AUF MTV ! Donald Faison (von Scrubs) spielt PB

06.01.2004, 18:08

geht gleich PB Spielen, sah sehr cool aus (Subair)

06.01.2004, 18:25
Habs auch gerade gesehen, war ganz gut (kein Camo, etc.).
Ich glaube Angel+Evo!

06.01.2004, 18:34
jo und hat den kleinen dicken jungen gerockt :D war echt gut, hatte zwar camo-unterhemd an, aber hey was solls ! Also, cool, bis vielleicht auf die Tatsache, das man sich seinen Hintern hat anschauen müssen :D

06.01.2004, 18:37
du mal suchfunktion benutzen tun dann du wirst finden schon Threads zu diesem Thema
is so wie die Folge von KofQ --> wiederholung an wiederholung
*war net böse gemeint*

06.01.2004, 19:01
war alles echt ganz gut, außer halt das er einmal die maske hochgenommen hat. Hatte er nicht ne :angel: mit nem evo??

06.01.2004, 20:18
war das einmalig oder kommt das jetzt öfter??

06.01.2004, 20:25
ich glaub nicht, dass das einmalig war da diese Sendung schon öfters ausgestrahlt wurde ( siehe suchmaschine ). war auch nicht so der hit. wenigstens kommt jetzt öfter was über unseren lieblingssport auch wenn nicht alles nur positiv ist.

06.01.2004, 20:26
also zeigen die jetzt immer was mit dem und Paintball oder wie!?:confused: :happy:

06.01.2004, 21:47
nö war nur einmalig die wiederholen das aber dauernd

06.01.2004, 22:53
yo, danke 9of10, aber naja, hab ja auch nur drauf hingewiesen das es gerade jetzt nochmal läuft ;)



26.09.2004, 12:41
kam gestern wieder auf MTV ...

Taking Care of Business at Hollywood Sports Park
by Julio Lagos

The boys of Hollywood Sports and the guys of SC Village are taking care of business and working over time for the paintball community. Owners of Hollywood Sports Park (HSP), Dennis Bukowski and Giovanni D’Egidio both agree, “there’s nothing better than working hard for the paintball community.”

Hollywood Sports, located in Bellflower, a couple of miles south of downtown Los Angeles has been highly successful in generating tons of publicity for paintball. HSP’s location has been incredibly significant in publicizing paintball! Most paintball facilities are located outside the actual city in a far off suburb with lots of open fields where all homes look the same with their
stucco beige walls. If you live in one of these neighborhoods, you know how boring it gets just watching the sun go down, and the paint dry on your beige stucco wall. This is not the case with Hollywood Sports Park! Hollywood Sports Park is smack in the middle of the action! Los Angeles has A LOT of people, and thanks to the location that the boys of HSP were able to acquire, they’ve been able to acquire new player by the exposure of their location on L.A. residents and tourists. The location has also provided them with lots of opportunity to introduce paintball to the L.A. media. Hollywood and Beverly Hills is only a couple of miles away, and this is why high-profiled celebs have hit the grounds of HSP for fun and excitement. HSP has seen the likes of
William Shattner, Nicholas Cage, Wil Smith, Cypress Hill, Drew Carey, Wayne Brady, Donald Faison, and yes, -even Arnold Schwarzenegger! Thanks to these movie stars visiting the grounds of Hollywood Sports, they have all helped to promote the sport of paintball!

For example, Donald Faison hit the grounds of Hollywood Sports one sunny day and became good friends with HSP owners, Giovanni D’Egidio and Dennis Bukowski. Donald Faison was in “BIG FAT LIAR” as well as in “SCRUBS” and most recently,
“UPTOWN GIRLS.” When VH1 decided to do a special report on him, Donald brought VH1 out to the grounds of Hollywood Sports to play paintball. Hollywood Sports made special accommodations for the people of VH1 and Donald Faison. It was good,
fun and positive publicity for the sport of paintball.

The boys of Hollywood Sports have penned all sorts of refreshing deals stemming from Coca-Cola to hosting the kick off for the California candidate governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold’s Inner-City Action Games was definitely the highlight of the year for action sports. The event brought not only local and national attention, but also INTERNATIONAL attention! The Inner-City
Games was no easy event! Meetings were held 2-3 times per week, for three straight months! On top of that, sidebars existed, and phone meetings were taking place. “It was worth it, we had a great event and a lot to show for our efforts,” Dennis Bukowski states when asked about the planning stage leading up to the Inner-City Action Games 2003. Countless long hours in countless meetings were spent on this event, all to promote paintball.

So what does all this publicity mean for paintball? –Well, it simply means that its time for paintball to step up their game and climb the latter to the next level. Many exciting events have transpired within the last year, and its because of this “out of the woods and in to the mainstream arena” movement that paintball will soon be the #1 action sports in the world, and have as much recognition and media attention as BMX and SKATE. No other sport has been able to move up the latter of success as fast as paintball has. Ultimately, the hard work is paying off. Harder work needs to be pushed in to the grounds so that paintball can rise quicker than what it already has. There are people out there who do not want paintball to succeed. They believe that paintball promotes aggression, and in turn promotes violence. It is for this reason that everyone should start working collectively and
promote paintball as much as they can, so that paintball becomes as widely known as SKATE and BMX. With all the hard work that is being pumped in to paintball, and all of the successes that everyone is having, the hard work will soon pay off. In the meantime, people like the boys of Hollywood Sports and the guys of SC Village are taking care of business and working overtime
for the sport they love, -PAINTBALL! For more information on Hollywood Sports please dial 562-867-9600 or visit them on the web.

Quelle (http://www.warpig.com/paintball/articles/pressreleases/automated/091503hsp.shtml)