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24.07.2015, 10:07
GI Sportz is poised to become the undisputed largest paintball company in the world. Fulcrum Capital Partners, who owns GI Sportz, is in the process of purchasing KEE Action Sports from Angelo, Gordon & Co, effectively bringing some of the most popular brands in paintball under one roof. GI Sportz has recently bought Tippmann, the Millennium Webcast, Paintball X3 and a portion of the NXL and is rumored to be buying Badlands in Canada. KEE is currently undergoing a last minute inventory prior to the deal being official.

KEE Action Sports is mostly known within the paintball industry by their flagship brand of Empire as well as JT, Splatmaster, BT, Spyder, Evil, RPS and several other paint brands. Richmond Italia, CEO of GI Sportz, once again will own the Diablo brand that he created and launched in the late 90’s.

It is currently unknown what employees and locations will remain. It is also unknown what will happen to Infamous and other Empire sponsored teams since GI Sportz now effectively sponsors most of the professional division in the NXL. Several of the Infamous players additionally work for Empire.

This will give GI Sportz their own in-house high-end gun with the Vanquish and the Axe line of markers as well as a huge percentage of the paintballs produced worldwide.

24.07.2015, 14:35
Nope, find ich doof ^^

29.07.2015, 11:20
Gi macht schon top produkte, aber irgendwie trotzdem schade das empire nun nicht mehr eigentständig ist.