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21.02.2015, 11:03
Virtue & Bunkerkings: Zusammenlegung in Vertrieb, Marketing und Logistik

Two iconic paintball companies from New York are joining forces. In an agreement announced today, Bunkerkings has teamed up with Virtue to bring the best harness, along with the entire Bunkerkings product line-up to Virtue dealers, players, and teams.

“Bunkerkings is a name that has a history in the sport where the BK brand really transcends any individual product,” said Chris Williams, Vice President of Virtue Paintball, “However, when we saw how nicely the Supreme Pack worked with our Press Flick Pods we knew the design team at BK had innovated something really special.”

“Virtue is a great company that I have a long history with since way back in the day on NYX and Russian Legion,” said Alex Lundqvist Co-Founder of Bunkerkings, “We’re both based in New York, and our product lines are perfectly complementary. The best loader and goggle, meet the best pack and playing gear. And now with Virtue’s agreement with MacDev, we have the best guns in the mix. It’s great to see three top-tier names in the industry cooperating.”

In addition to cooperation on sales, marketing, and distribution, Bunkerkings are a key sponsor of Tampa Bay Damage, whose future was in question earlier this year until Virtue stepped in to keep the team going, with the help of MacDev, Bunker Kings and WickedSports.com. Damage will not only be using Bunker King harnesses and playing gear, but will also be debuting the new line of BK Jerseys, gloves, and more.

“Ever since my early days in the sport using a Tippmann A5, I looked up to both Alex and Max and relished the opportunity to play alongside these two big-named pros on Wednesday nights. They taught me all the basic skills of tournament paintball, and a few years later became some of Virtue’s first sponsored players,” said Mike Newman, President of Virtue Paintball, “Nearly 10 years later, its a great honor to work together with some of the best ambassadors in the sport to young players just starting out.”

The partnership between BK and Virtue is much more than exclusive sales and distribution in North and South America, as the two companies will work closely on co-operative marketing and design efforts across the globe including the USA and Europe. Dealers in the Americas wishing to stock the new line of Bunkerkings products can contact Virtue directly.

Later this year, Bunkerkings will bring several new products to the market, with the sales and marketing support of Virtue. The Paintball Extravaganza will debut some of these products to dealers next week, and as the year rolls on more BK products will be announced.

In August, 2012 Virtue Paintball unveiled the Spire. Its purpose was to deliver to the best players in the world a jam-proof feeding system, fast tool-less assembly, in an aggressive, lightweight, compact design that holds more paint than its competitors. A year later, the Spire 260, was launched, which brought a whopping 260 round capacity loader to the market that was still shorter than it’s sub-200 round competitors.

In early 2014, Virtue began shipping the revolutionary VIO goggle system, which is being widely regarded as the most comfortable and customizable goggle in paintball. Within two years, Virtue Paintball has become the leader in goggle and loader technology.

Bunkerkings and We Kill Suckers originated as a paintball apparel and lifestyle company based on the New York Paintball scene of the late 90s. The Swedish brothers Alex and Max Lundqvist have never left their passion for paintball, and have been working behind the scenes for years in the paintball industry along with their design team headed up by Mario Kulic. In 2014, Bunker Kings successfully launched the Supreme Harness, the world first and only strapless pack that does not require any adjustment to fit a variety of pod sizes.