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31.01.2015, 11:31
G.I. Sportz: Neuer Investor an Board

There have been lots of rumors floating around so I spoke to Richmond Italia today to try and see what is going on direct from the source.

GI Sportz has a new investor and some big plans for the next three years. To accomplish those goals, GI Sportz needed money from outside of paintball. Richmond Italia, the owner of GI, recently took on new, young investors that actually understand paintball and believe there is lots of room for growth in the industry and participation in the game itself. Richmond will remain the CEO of GI Sportz and remains the single largest shareholder. He personally confirmed today there will be no change in operations or personnel at Tippmann or GI Sportz. The only difference will be that they now have the funds to go forward with some of Richmondís bigger plans

The new investors are called Fulcrum and are an offshoot of HSBC if you want to look them up.

The best part of the whole conversation is that Richmond sounded genuinely excited not just about GI Sportz, but about paintballís future. He acknowledged we have some obstacles, but he wasnít just excited about GI, he thinks their plans will make paintball business owners excited about their own businesses too.

Richmond Italia has been a paintball player since the mid 80ís and used to play professionally with such legendary professional teams as Image and Avalanche in the 90ís. His son Tanis now plays on the newly reformed Team Image in the Millennium Series.