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16.08.2014, 11:50
This board is a Yakuza Series USB model which has been converted to an Ebisu board. It uses a multi-color LED instead of the original OLED screen. All indication is shown on the multi-color LED like other boards in the Ebisu and Musashi series. USB is still supported for firmware updates and settings changes via the Tengu USB interface.

This board does NOT have an OLED screen.

A full list of the board's capabilities and features can be found on the original product page for the Yakuza Series USB Autococker Board. The updated firmware to convert it into an Ebisu model removes the OLED specific settings, but all the other functionality like fire modes, rate of fire adjustments, and trigger settings remain. Please refer to the updated manual below for the settings list and operational differences.




16.08.2014, 11:51
Manual: https://www.pbportal.de/media/attachments/7/1/4/1/3/www.pbportal.de-paintball-3491927-206792-Manual-Ebisu-Converted-Yakuza-Autococker-Board-Tadao.pdf