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31.07.2014, 10:32
Virtue: Engagieren Sina Azmoudeh als Marketing-Direktor

On the heels of recently launched Part 2 of the Russian Legion documentary, Virtue is proud to announce the hiring of Sina Azmoudeh as Director of Marketing. Sina will not only be responsible for all video production, but will take on an integral role in Virtue’s marketing team.

“Working in the paintball industry over the last year has been very rewarding and exciting!” said Sina Azmoudeh, “Moving forward – I’m thrilled to be a part of the growing Virtue Paintball family. Joining Virtue has given me the opportunity to grow projects that I have only dreamed about.“

Sina has gained a huge following filming and editing the Impact Series, as he documents the number 1 professional paintball team in the world both on and off the field. His most recent project follows the legendary Russian Legion as they struggle to rebuild the once dominant franchise into a winning team.

“As long-time paintball players ourselves, fans of the Impact series and the sponsor of Sina’s Russian Legion documentary, we recognize the value of quality paintball content,” said Chris Williams of Virtue Paintball. “We’ve had a good working relationship with Sina over the last few months and are looking forward to what we can do with full-time cooperation. Plus, Sina is a 1on1 phenom, and we’d like to have exclusive access to his trade secrets.”

“To the fans of The Impact Series – Don’t you worry, the show will go on!” added Sina. The new Impact Series video, documenting the team’s win in Chicago will debut in the coming days and the Russian Legion series will continue in Riverside as well.

About Sina & Virtue

Sina Azmoudeh rocketed to stardom after crushing his opponents in the Puget Millennium 1on1 competition, earning 3rd place; a standing which is widely regarded as being the one with the hairiest chest. He also makes videos.

In August, 2012 Virtue Paintball unveiled the Spire. Its purpose was to deliver to the best players in the world a jam-proof feeding system, fast tool-less assembly, in an aggressive, light weight, compact design that holds more paint than its competitors.

A year later, the Spire 260, was launched, which brought a whopping 260 round capacity loader to the market that was still smaller than it’s sub-200 round competitors.

In early 2014, Virtue began shipping the revolutionary VIO goggle system, which is being widely regarded as the most comfortable and customizable goggle in paintball. Within two years, Virtue Paintball has become The Leader in Goggle and Loader Technology.