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04.03.2014, 11:13
AKA: Verkauft an Destructive Customs


I am pleased to announce that AKA Paintball has been sold to Destructive Customs, LLC. Jared is committed to maintaining the same quality of product and service that AKA made famous. I am sure that you will continue to be the same wonderful customers and friends that you were to the Alexanders and AKA.

I will ship product until March 5 and Jared will begin shipping on March 24, 2014. Please be patient during this transition as it will take some time to transport and r-organize inventory. We will do everything we can to ensure an easy hand-off. The website will remain virtually the same along with the Paypal store. You will continue to place orders on the AKA website. You might want to visit the Shipping and Information pages to see if there are any changes that would affect you.

My best wishes to all of you, may you play many enjoyable games and tournaments in the future.

Eileen Alexander"

04.03.2014, 13:58
Statement von DC

Hi All,well it is March, still a bit slow going. I have been working with Eileen Alexander on a deal and am pleased to announce that DC has purchased AKA. I intend on supporting the AKA line up as I always have. I am working on streamlining the process and getting DC back to ontime.I will be removing AKA regulators and some other items and just selling them on akapaintball.com starting later in the month. Some minor changes will be coming for AKAs site. I will still offer all my normal services and hoping to get more of them onto DCs website. If you have any questions please send me an email at destructivecustoms@yahoo.com Still having some issues with the DC Site here. If you are having an issue with the shopping cart please send me an email along with what the error is. Please be patient with me while I am in transtion. I am still actively finishing up a few long unfinished customer projects. then on to showing you the "Ehm" milling packages. Thanks to all who have been patient.