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04.02.2014, 10:33
Matt Dawson von Matt Dawson Photography / Mattddesigns.com ist leider verstorben

"I was greatly saddened to hear today that Matt Dawson, one of the most talented photographers ever to grace paintball, passed away over the weekend.

Matt Dawson was easily one of the most gifted photographers that I'd ever worked with, and selflessly contributed to paintball media in many ways--publishing his own event coverage, collaborating with numerous media companies, and did contracting for nearly every paintball magazine and manufacturer in existence. He went on to do work for Oakley, Nike, ESS, and 5.11 Tactical. He was 27.

Matt was one of the brightest souls I'd ever had the pleasure of meeting, and was as brilliant as he was ambitious. We all wish we had more time to share with you."