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22.06.2003, 14:21

Willkommen im Fernsehen :)

Super 7 on Fox Sports Net
The NPPL Super 7 world Series airs on Fox Sports Net's Fusion TV.

FUISION TV is an hour long program dedicated to the adrenaline fueled world of action sports and the lifestyle of the people that make it happen. FUSION TV covers the hottest action sports, music, fashion, technology and the unbelievable skills of these irreverent thrill seekers.

FUSION TV takes a unique look at the hyper lifestyle of 'Generation-Y'.

FUSION TV airs in 85 MILLION homes worldwise and in approximately 100 countries during FOX Sports Net's highly regarded 'RUSHOUR' block, launched by IMG X sport - the action sport division of sports marketing superpower IMG.

FUSION TV airs every Wednesday on Fox Sports Net nationally at 4 pm(check local TV schedules for additional air times) and The NPPL Super 7 World Series will be featured for three consecutive programs beginning on June 25. The highlights from events #1, 2 & 3 will be mixing it with the best from the world's top action sports.

Stay Tuned - Stay Tight.


Air Dates - Fox Sports

June 25, 2003
Show Breakdown: (Episode 20)
Mastercraft Pro - Men's Finals
ASP Surfing - 2003 Tour Overview
NPPL Super 7 World Series Paintball - LA, CA
Kiteboarding Pro Tour - Dominican Republic

July 2, 2003
Show Breakdown: (Episode 21)
Mastercraft Pro - Ski Jumping
ASP Surfing#2 - Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro
Music - Reggae Festival
NPPL Super 7 World Series Paintball - Vegas
Video Review - Seth 2 (Moto)
Dos Equies Moto Surf (Part 1)

July 9, 2003
Show Breakdown: (Episode 22)
Mastercraft Pro Women's Semi Finals
ASP Surfing - Tahiti Billabong Pro
Music - Reggae In The Desert
NPPL Super 7 World Series Paintball - Chicago
Dos Equis Moto Surt (Part 2)
Video Review - Laird (Surf)

You can catch Fusion TV 3 times every Wednesday!
9:30 - 10:30 a.m. Early Morning
4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Rush Hour
2:00 - 3:00 a.m. Late Night
* Every Wednesday
* Fox Sports Net


Camille Baker
Director of Marketing
National Professional Paintball League
417 Main Street Suite 201
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
ph. (714) 536-9050
fx. (714) 536-0676

The NPPL and Pure Promotions would like to thank our Platinum Sponsors:
JT, Brass Eagle, Viewloader, Raven, Kingman, WDP, Angel, Chronic, ZAP, Evil, PMI

Camille J. Baker
Director of Marketing
Team Liaison
National Professional Paintball League
(714) 536-9050

23.06.2003, 21:47
theoretisch könnte man doch mal bei eurosport oder dsf anfragen ob die nett auch mal interesse ansowas hätten....

23.06.2003, 21:54
Vom DSF kam mal in nem Interview ein sehr, sehr, sehr klares Nein zu Paintball....wies mit Eurosport aussieht keine Ahnung....aber am ehesten bringen so was die Musiksender...glaub ich mal??

23.06.2003, 22:02
krieg ich fox sports net irgenwie über meine satellietenschüssel?
wenn ja au welcher frequenz? daten????
das wär ja ma was geiles, ein paar paintballnächte vom fernseher...*träum*:dunce:

01.07.2003, 20:46
Super 7 Paintball in 85 Million Homes... Again.

Last week millions of viewers from around the world tuned in to check out Paintball presented in a professional manner on Fox Sports Net. In the June 25th episode of Fusion TV, the NPPL Super 7 Huntington Beach event was presented to the world, this we ek it will be footage from the NPPL Super 7 Las Vegas event. Were you in Vegas for the stellar tournament this April? If so you may be viewed in 85 Million homes around the world this Wednesday.

The NPPL and Pure Promotions have been spending countless hours and dollars filming each event in their tour. “We have done what has not been accomplished before… good quality footage on a good quality show… and it’s on the right network” commented Ged Green of Pure Promotions. Pure has been out filming each of the NPPL Super 7 events; they produced the HB DVD, are releasing Vegas and Chicago DVDs next month and are now bringing the NPPL Super 7 to not just National Television, but Worldwide.

“It is a major piece of work – going out on a major TV station to 85 million homes introducing paintball Super 7 style to people who would otherwise not see it at all” explained Bart Walkerdine, Director of Pure Promotion’s Operations. He went on to ad d “it is not aimed at existing tournament players but at potential new players and potential new viewers, and should be reviewed as such”.

Fusion TV had its pick of the litter when choosing which sports to feature in its show, and Pure Promotions made sure that Paintball was one of those sports. Referring to the 85 Million homes Fox Sports Net reaches, Green added “The numbers are there.
This is a positive step forward”.

When asked what point he wanted most to get across to the industry, Green stated “The success of this airing is in everyone’s best interests. Consider this a 5 to 7 minute advert for paintball every week on Primetime TV. The right images are being pre sented to the masses; quality has gone out in the homes”.

For more information on air dates and times of Fusion TV, visit www.fusiontv.com. For more information on the NPPL Super 7 World Series and Pure Promotions, click on www.nppl.tv or call (714) 536-9050.