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29.08.2002, 14:48
So Gefunden bei www.p8ntballer.com (http://www.p8ntballer.com):

Paintball To Hit South African TV!

PGIs very own David Jarvis has been approached to assist a South African player, Theunis Nel (a presenter of a magazine program on national TV and a partner in a TV production house). He was asked to be part of a team that will bring Paintball some major TV exposure in SAto millions of viewers. The third part of the team will be the guy who runs website sapaintball.co.za, known to his friends as Werner.

The plan is as follows... There will be six tournament Paintball inserts, each 12 minutes long. The first will be aired this year and will be an introductory video. Then there will be five tournaments next year, which will be filmed and aired as a series during the course of the year.

SA's national broadcaster, the SABC (the equivalent of the BBC) has agreed to purchase the series. They will run it on their sports program, Top Sport. According to Theunis (who is financing production upfront) this will cover the costs of production.

The video will be focused on tournament Paintball: it will be a gritty, funky depiction of the sport we love.

The benefits are obvious: it will put tourney 'ball on the national map, get positive exposure, depict the sport in a way that attracts new players and provide an impetus for a standardized national series (to counter its current parochial nature) with standardized rules, a marshalling body, etc.

This is big time! If it is a success it is something that could be repeated. Stay tuned and well keep you posted as news filters in.


29.08.2002, 15:00
und wann sehen wir hier in deutschland pb tuniere auf dsf? :rolleyes:

29.08.2002, 15:13
Ich glaub das wird noch ne ganze Weile dauern... aber mal schauen was passiert falls sich X-Ball durchsetzt... :grin:

29.08.2002, 15:33
Macht doch mal vertretbare Aufnahmen und Interviews und geht damit zum Lokalen Offnen Sender...

29.08.2002, 15:37
das wre doch mal was... nen tunier mit konferenzschaltung auf premiere! :D

bis es dahin kommt, kann es echt noch ne weile dauern...